It all began with one child

As the founder of ThreePC, I would like to share the story that inspired the creation of the ThreePC program.

In January 2007, while having a positive focus discussion with a group of colleagues, my colleague Mark shared how a meeting with his son's teacher evolved into an extremely positive experience for his child.

Mark's son, Parker, was extremely bright, but his rambunctiousness usually led to mischief. Parker's teacher had already made several phone calls to Mark to share her concerns about Parker's disruptive antics in the classroom. After yet another incident, Ms. Jenkin and Mark met to discuss the situation.

Mark was feeling extremely frustrated, and in desperation asked, “I just don't know what to do...Isn't there one positive thing you can share with me about my son?” Cognizant of Mark's concern, Ms. Jenkin smiled and replied, “I think your child is wonderful! I can easily tell you several great things about your son! Parker is one of the most imaginative children in my classroom. He has an amazing amount of energy and resourcefulness.”

That night, Mark sat down with Parker and said, “So...I spoke with your teacher today...” Parker, thinking about his shenanigans in the classroom that morning, sunk low in his chair. Mark continued, “And she had quite a bit to say about you.” Parker's eyes began to fill with tears, anticipating his father's words of disappointment. Mark, looking down at his worried child, shared his teacher's insights regarding his son's character. “Ms. Jenkin told me you were one of the most imaginative kids in class.” Parker couldn't believe in his ears. “..And she also said you were very energetic and resourceful. I just thought you should know that I'm very proud of you son.” That's all he said.

About two weeks later, Ms. Jenkin contacted Mark to say, “I've got to know what you did!” “What do you mean?” he replied. “Well, your son has been a model student and an absolute joy to have in class these past two weeks.” Mark smiled, recalling the positive conversation he'd had with his son, and said, “I just told him what you thought of him.”

How a child's success story evolved into the ThreePC Program

After hearing Parker's story, I thought my three daughters might experience similar success if I asked each of their teachers to do as Ms. Jenkin had done for Parker - to give three positive characteristics for each of my children. Without giving specific details to a few of my closest friends, I asked them if they minded me including their children and their children's teachers in my project.

At a year's end, I invited these same friends to dinner. While having dessert, I told them Parker's story and gave them a certificate with their child's school picture and three positive characteristics that each child's teacher had identified. That night, ThreepC was born. Several years and thousands of successs stories later, ThreePC has evolved into a program available online for all educators as an efficient way to give students concrete, authentic character-building feedback.

Three Positive Characteristics

Making the world a more positive child at a time.