Making the world a more positive place...one child at a time!

Since it's conception, ThreePC's main objective has been to provide teachers with an online resource that helps them capture their insights on the uniqueness of each of their students. It is ThreePC's goal to help teachers make a significant impact on each unique student with minimal time and resources. That being said, we find that every child in his or her own special way brings forth a unique set of characteristics, and if we can help each student recognize these characteristics and positively reinforce them, we can help them learn and develop the neccesary life skills to lead them on the path of becoming productive young members of society.

ThreePC helps teachers communicate these positive characterisics in an easy yet effective way to both the children and their parents. By focusing on three unique characteristics for each student, ThreePC has helped empower teachers across the country and allowed them to celebrate their success with individual students in the classroom.

Three Positive Characteristics

Making the world a more positive place...one child at a time.