ThreePC is an efficient character-building resource professional educators use to provide personalized feedback to their students. Professional educators use ThreePC to enrich their students' lives by helping each child to increase their self-esteem, personal growth, and achievemnt. Educational research supports the use of positive reinforcement via concrete feedback in the classroom

Evidence supporting the effectiveness of tangible positive reinforcement

Educational research has shown how positive feedback can enhance students' motivation and academic achievement. Following are just a few examples.

In a November 2009 article in Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, Lipnevich and Smith found that "Students named detailed comments as the most important and useful form of feedback."

In a 2008 Action Research Project, Haywood et al. noted that students' motivation "can be increased by positive comments from a powerful leader," and that "one key to the success of extrinsic support for intrinsic motivation was public recognition."

According to a 1997 report by Institute for Academic Excellence regarding students' motivation: ”Research shows that properly designed reward programs enhance intrinsic motivation by providing feedback about student achievement. This can be especially important to disadvantaged students, because it helps them acheive educational equality ...It is ultimately the responsibility of the professional educator, having direct contact with the student, to choose those motivation techniques that will work the best.“

Survey Results

Parents agree that the ThreePC program makes a positive impact on their children's lives. Parents of children whose schools particiapte in ThreePC gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the program.

According to results of satisfaction surveys distributed to particpating schools between 2007 and 2009:

  • 73.1% of parents learned something new about their child and now think differently about their child's strengths.
  • 84.5% increased their positive feelings about their student's teacher
  • 87.1% increased their positive feelings about their child's school
  • 92.8% agree that ThreePC should be used at their child's school next year, and would recommend ThreePC to parents whose children attend other schools

Note: Survey distributed to parents of participating schools had a 15.93% response rate.

Teacher and Parent Testimonials

Teachers recognize that participate in the ThreePC program positively affects their students' motivation to learn, classroom environment and their teaching approach.

”I became more aware of my students' unique qualities. Through the user-friendly site, I was able to take the time to really reflect on each student and decide upon qualities I had seen. Being more sensitive to students' abilities and learning styles caused me to incorporate more role-playing activities for those students who were energetic leaders, imaginative and out-going. Sometimes, students would ask me what a trait meant since it was not in their vocabulary. For instance, I described a student as genial. He looked it up in the dictionary and was pleasantly surprised to find it meant he was cheerful. It seemed to cause him to be even more positive and good-natured in his dealings with classmates and myself.“

”I thought this was such a positive program. It gave teachers a great opportunity to find good in all children even the semi-difficult ones. This serves as a good reminder to see the good qualities in every child.“

Participating in ThreePC helped improved understanding, communication, and appreciation between parent, teacher, and child.

”I was surprised when I received the 3 characteristics in my son's cubby. It is always nice as a parent to get anything informational about my son. It is rewarding to know that his teachers think as highly of him as I do. My sister is a 3rd grade teacher at a local school and was very impressed by your program. She made a copy and brought it into her principal. Thank you for a great program.“

”This program has helped the communication between parent-teacher by 100%“

”I was greatly pleased to see that Mrs. White saw the same characteristics in our daughter that we are proud of. Thank you!“

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By participating in ThreePC, teachers help to enrich students' lives.

”The surprise and joy on my son's face was priceless. The three positive traits suited him well. The most impact came from receiving the card from his teacher - he thought it was impressive that she took the time and effort to think of him.“

”It was nice to see the teachers figure out my children. Sometimes I wonder if they get to know them...through this program, the teachers learned about the qualities of my children.“

”Parents mentioned that their children were excited to receive the positive characteristics certificates. The students did not realize that I had recognized those traits in them.“

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The ThreePC program is an effective time-saving tool for providing concrete recognition for each child's positive character traits.

”[ThreePC] is user-friendly. It does take time to contemplate the right traits to choose for each student, but since the names and pictures are already inputted, the process is very efficient and quick.“
Three Positive Characteristics

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