“My daughter has Oppositional Defiant Disorder. More often than not, she displays negative behavior. 3PC has humbled me as a mother of a child with O.D.D. and has allowed me to focus more on her positive characteristics.”

“I already knew how great my daughter is, but to hear it from her school's staff made me feel more confident that she is being taken care of, having special attention. She's not just “another” student, but actually being noticed for her strengths.”

“So often you only hear from staff when it's negative. My daughter and I loved to see her certificate with her positive characteristics and can't wait to frame it!”

“I of course have wonderful things to say about my daughter so it's nice to be validated by a professional and someone that spends a great deal of time with my child.”

Three Positive Characteristics

Making the world a more positive place...one child at a time.